GF56 - Engine for General Aviation

GF56 engine is suitable for General Aviation market (CS23 and FAR 23 aircraft range). Being a retrofitting engine, its main distinguishing feature, GF56 can be installed on aircraft currently using Lycoming and Continental engines. It is fully designed and projected by an internal high qualified engineers team, to ensure accurate manufacturing process control, production cycle and continuity airworthiness.


Aircraft Engines 300 HP - JetA1 / Diesel


GF 56 is a diesel common-rail direct injection engine, two strokes uniflow, 6 cylinders boxer, liquid cooling system, 5600 cc, “direct drive” transmission.


CMD holds the Design Organization Approval – EASA ADOA ref. AP452.


GA market; RE-engine market; Rotary wing Segment; Unmanned Aircraft.
gf56 2-cmd-avio-aircraft-engines-motori-aerei-loncin-produzione-vendita-caserta-campania-made-in-italy
- Diesel common-rail engine
- Direct injection
- 2-strokes uniflow
- 6 cylinders boxer
- Liquid cooling system
- 5600 cc
- “Direct drive” transmission
- Dual fadec

- Reduced fuel consumption;
- Low pollutant emissions;
- Use of JET A1 or diesel, easier to find on the market;
- Robustness, Reliability and Maintenance.
Added values of GF56:
- High Thermal Efficiency;
- Higher volumetric fuel energy content: Avio kerosene and/or Diesel fuel has higher density than Avio - gasoline;
- Lower operating cost: low cost of diesel fuel and aviation kerosene with respect to Avio gasoline;
- Lower fire hazard: Avio kerosene and/or Diesel fuel are lower flammable than gasoline;
- Less electromagnetic noise: no spark plugs;
- More environmentally friendly: lower levels of CO2, NOx, HC, noise emissions.

kW hp RPM
Max. continuous Power 180* 241 2200/min
Take off Power** 220* 295 2400/min

*with diesel/jet A1
**Limited for max. 5 min

WEIGHT kg lb
Engine 220 485

106 mm 4.17 in 105 mm 4.13 in
5600 cm3 342 cu in Jet A1 or Diesel