Company Profile

CMD Costruzioni Motori Diesel S.p.a.


CMD Costruzioni Motori Diesel S.p.a. offers a full range of engineering services by providing global support to automotive industry through design, prototyping and development of diesel and gasoline engines' advanced technology. The process of business diversification, through the industrialization of two Aircraft engines for General Aviation and ultra-light Aircrafts (VLA), as well as the development of CHP systems powered by biomass, allowed CMD to approach multiple international markets and arose the interest of automotive's biggest players.


Future challenges pass through a culture of innovation. Over the years CMD has focused its attention on technological revolution, adapting its strategies to changing markets. The R&D team is composed of engineers with multidisciplinary skills, from electronics, mechanics to software technology. It offers services covering each single stage of engineering design process of engine development, from data collection until to the validation and verification. The right balance between experience, creativity and technology enables the right approach to produce a cuttingedge technology and a final product, meeting customers’ requirements. This provides a considerable advantage in terms of competitiveness and reduction of development costs.


CMD “Made in Italy” concept is fully expressed through following principles:
Innovation: continuous research of new mechanical and electronical applications, passion for Engine, strong aim to affirm its own competences on international aviation market;
Experience: from 90’s, CMD has been gaining an indisputable experience in engine’s production and installation, being always updated on newest engineering technologies.



CMD is formally set up. Company is involved in marine engines and machining sectors production and distribution.

CMD becomes an important player in automotive sector for high precision parts and components, becoming leading supplier of the biggest international groups like FIAT (now FCA), Alfa Romeo, AUDI-VW and FORD.


Company progressively expands its business by opening 2 new production plants in Atella 2 (PZ), ensuring a larger production line for diesel inboard and in/outboard marine engines and machining sector.

CMD begins to work on an important and innovative project related to General Aviation, whose main characteristics lie on reliability and excellent flight performance. In the same year, a new production plant is opened in Morra de Sanctis (AV).


CMD sets up its headquarters and engines production line in S. Nicola La Strada (CE).

CMD is selected by Italian Stock Exchange to join the Elite Program, a program of support for private companies seeking expansion and access to the capital markets and aimed at identify the most promising Italian SME. Elite Program has been successfully completed in November 2014.


Loncin Motor Co. Ltd and CMD became business partner. Loncin Motor Co Ltd is a Chinese multinational company operating in engine technology for automotive, industrial and aerospace industry.

Nowadays, Company can count on 4 high profitable Business Units: Aircraft engines, Machining, Marine, CHP Systems, (Micro Combined Heat&Power system powered by biomass).



Loncin Motor’s produces engines, scooters, smart powers, drones, electric vehicles. It has 10 major production bases in China and exports to over 100 countries and regions. It has established strategic partnership with the world’s top 500 companies like BMW, TORO and Cummins.
In 2012, LONCIN MOTOR was listed on China’s A-share market. In 2017, LONCIN MOTOR acquired CMD, an Italian company specialized in engines for GA, debuting in general aviation industry.


Following “responsibility” concept, Loncin’s company culture takes “gather power, create value” as main mission, “integrity, sincerity, dedication&innovation” as fundamental values, and “explore the infinite pursuit, catch the definite chance” as enterprise spirit for over 30 years. Loncin has been endeavoring to perform its social responsibility as an citizen entreprise while developing its economic strength.
From 2009 to 2014, Loncin has been continuously awarded the honourable title of “Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution in Charity Undertaking in China” for twice. With three established strategies (internationalization strategy, industryleading strategy and management innovation strategy) and with the corporate vision of “to be a leading investment holding group in China”, Loncin continues to innovate and endeavors for growth.