CMD22 - Engine for ultralight aircrafts

CMD22 engine is suitable for ultralight aircrafts, for VLA, LSA, CS-22 range. This kind of engine is highly innovative, with a low environmental impact and a high operating time.


Engine “CMD22” Gasoline 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, 2200 cc


CMD22 is an indirect electronic injection gasoline engine, air/oil-cooling system, 4 cylinders boxer, 4 strokes, cycle Otto, 2200 cc.


CMD22 engine got the Type Certificate according to EASA CS22 subpart H (EASA E120). CMD holds the Design Organization Approval – EASA ADOA ref. AP452.


They are mostly used for ultralight aircrafts, tactical UAV, recreational and commercial purposes.
cmd22 1-cmd-avio-aircraft-engines-motori-aerei-loncin-produzione-vendita-caserta-campania-made-in-italy
- Gasoline engine
- Indirect electronic injection system
- 4 cylinders boxer
- 4 strokes air/oil cooling system
- Cycle Otto
- Engine management system
- Electric starter
- Propeller speed reduction gearbox 1:2
- Air intake system

In its market segment, best innovation of CMD22 engine, compared to the competitors, is:

- Lower stress at same power condition; components suffer less strain, reducing engine wear.
Added values of CMD22:

- High technology at competitive price;
- Lower maintenance costs;
- Higher performances (low weight-to-power ratio, low bore-to-stroke ratio).
All those characteristics can make CMD22 more eligible in terms of efficiency than the other competitors’ engines.

kW hp RPM
Max. continuous Power 78* 106 4850/min
Take off Power** 87* 118 5000/min

*min. MON 85 RON 95
**Limited for max. 5 min

CMD22 endurance test in time-lapse. How we worked to get Type Certificate.
EASA CS 22, subpart H, chapter CS 22.1849
The engine must be subjected to an endurance test (with a representative propeller) that includes a total of 50 hours of operation and consists of 25 cycles including for each cycle: 3 takeoffs, 15 minutes at the 75% of maximum continuous power and 1 hour at maximum continuous power. During the endurance test, all the most representative engine parameters must be monitored and recorded. The engine must have no damages at the end of the test and without power loss with the declared fuel and oil consumption.

WEIGHT kg lb
Engine 85 187

100 mm 3.93 in 70 mm 2.76 in
2198 cm3 134 cu in min. RON 95