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13 Febbraio 2018

C.M.D. CEO Mariano Negri at Loncin Annual Meeting – Chongqing, February, 10th 2018

On February, 10th 2018 in Chongqing Loncin Motor […]
12 Febbraio 2018

Prof. Hu (TICERI) and C.M.D. – built valuable relationships

After a profitable week in C.M.D., last Friday […]
6 Febbraio 2018

Professor Hu Chunming (TICERI) visits C.M.D. plant

Starting from Today till February, 9th, C.M.D. […]
30 Gennaio 2018

CMD22 endurance test in time-lapse: how we worked to get Type Certificate

EASA CS 22, subpart H, chapter CS […]