Basilicata Aerospace Cluster grows in effectiveness. Confindustria: ”We give more power to Basilicata’s excellences in the avio industry.”

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9 October 2018
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4 December 2018

Clas (Basilicata Aerospace Cluster) has been created in accordance with Basilicata Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) guidelines, which identify in Aerospace one of the smartest industries included in Basilicata FESR 2014-2020 Regional Program. Mr. Salvatore Antonio De Biasio, vicepresident of Basilicata Confindustria and CMD Institutional Relations Manager, has been confirmed as a chairman of Basilicata Aerospace Cluster.

FESR 2014-2020 has the aim to make, through a coordination action, Clas involved companies and organizations stronger: research centres (at Basilicata University, Potenza Cnr area, Enea, Technological district/ Tern association, and Space Geodesy Centre of Italian Space Agency), industrial settlements of big international players, and SME involved in Earth observation satellite program.

Mr. De Biasio says that, through a focused strategy, the Clas wants to reaffirm its key position on both national and european areas, for adding value to all industry chain. Thanks to all members belonging to cluster, having a great experience in partecipiting in European and International projects, they aim to settle diversities and develop a common point of view in order to create a connection between research and industry. It will allow them to obtain EU fundings and to define international long lasting partnerships.

Cluster purposes can be so summerized: guaranteeing the strengthening of European and International partnerships; promoting Cluster companies’ access to community resources in research, development and innovation, as part of 2014-2020 financial plan; maximizing regional talents’ introduction towards excellence contexts; promoting external identity.