Prof. Hu (TICERI) and C.M.D. – built valuable relationships

Professor Hu Chunming (TICERI) visits C.M.D. plant
6 February 2018
C.M.D. CEO Mariano Negri at Loncin Annual Meeting – Chongqing, February, 10th 2018
13 February 2018

After a profitable week in C.M.D., last Friday Professor Hu from TICERI (Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute) left our company.

Whole week has been fully focused on C.M.D. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) analysis, arising Prof. Hu’s interest and defining common perspectives for the future.

At the end of Prof Hu’s visit, Mr. Mariano Negri, C.M.D. CEO, and Mr. Salvatore Antonio Di Biasio, C.M.D. Responsible for External Relations with Italian institutions, made a special present to our eminent visitor: an illustrated book of Reggia di Caserta, our city’s most representative historical monument.

We are sure cooperation between C.M.D. and Prof. Hu will be longlasting.